Written by: Tim Seeley & Sarah Beattie
Drawn by: Caroline Leigh Layne
Coloured by: Kurt Michael Russell
Lettered by: Crank!
Publisher: Vault

Money Shot is back! Which naturally means I’m back to review it, lucky you, huh?

So Money Shot #11, after saving…the universe from the super-sexy space knights of Cockaigne in the last arc, we catch up with Chris as she discovers the existence of ‘the hottest thing I’ve ever seen’ Dr. Yazmin Blanco, a scientist looking to save the world from climate change by farming seaweed! Sadly Dr. Blanco needs funding to do that, and wouldn’t you know it, there just happens to be an opening for a new member of the XXX-plorers!

Although I commented in my review of Volume 2 that the previous arc felt like an ending, this issue does feel like a natural continuation. Chris is trying to cope with Bree leaving the team and the changes that come with it, and Omar immediately recognises that the addition of Yazmin Blanco as Dominant Jean is undoubtedly related to Bree leaving the team. I also feel like the subject matter of climate change feels relevant and like a logical progression after the resolution of President Luke Kirk’s story in the past five issues.

While the narrative of this issue welcomes a new member to the XXX-plorers, it also welcomes a new artist to the creative team in Caroline Leigh Layne. While Layne’s artwork is noticeably different from that of her predecessor Rebekah Isaacs’, she’s definitely a good fit for the series. Bringing a slightly more cartoony and at times cute feel to the issue, but never failing to capture emotion or character nuance throughout. I also feel like I should point out that Curie remains adorable, and an absolutely essential part of Money Shot. More comics need talking cats.

As always, Kurt Michael Russell’s colouring adds plenty of depth and variety. In particular I want to draw some attention to the different lighting we see, the difference between Chris’ apartment at the start of the issue and the MIT lab in the next scene is really noticeable and I feel like this is something that gets overlooked in a lot of artwork.

It’s a well known fact that I’ve been a huge fan of Money Shot since it’s first issue, and I’m pleased to say that this remains the case. Everything I’ve loved about the series so far is still present here, the great character work, the absurd alien porn premise and the undeniable comedy. I’d definitely say that this issue feels stand alone in some ways, serving as a bridge between the epic levels of the last story arc while showing hints of what’s to come and ending on an optimistic note. I know I’m overly positive on this one, but if there was one point I was going to raise, it’s that while I love Chris, I think it’s time we give some more attention to Doug, Omar and Annie.

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