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Review: The Blue Flame #4

Written by: Chris CantwellArt by: Adam GorhamColouring by: Kurt Michael RussellLetters by: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouPublisher: Vault This issue is about processing a traumatic experience, which we see from both versions of Sam. It also deals with how you want to let that experience change you: do you want to still be the person you were, or become someone else? In Sam’s […]

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The Pull List 01/08/2021

It’s been a packed week of reviews for the BTC crew so it’s been very hard to narrow down to not actually everything. However, we have used logic and science (okay maybe not science) to distil it down to just a few titles that stand out for reasons.

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Review: Money Shot #13

“As always I had a great time reading Money Shot this month. Honestly, after thirteen issues of praise if you’re not reading this series yet I’m not sure there’s much I can do to convince you, but as always I’d recommend picking up Money Shot and getting caught up.”