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Review: Shadow Service #11

“This issue had everything I love about Shadow Service, emotion, plot twists, demons, humour and some drama. Honestly this is an excellent return for Shadow Service after its break. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing how that cliff hanger at the end turns out. Plus it had a Randall and Hopkirk reference so that alone makes it A+ for me.”

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Review: We Ride Titans #3

Writer: Tres DeanArtist: Sebastián PírizColourist: Dee CunniffeLetterers: Jim CampbellPublisher: Vault We Ride Titans #2 ended with the appearance of a mysterious mech in New Hyperion. This issue we get some of that sweet giant mech battling action you’ve probably been waiting for. Although plenty of the pages within this issue are dedicated to big action sequences the family dynamic is […]

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Review: The Blue Flame #5

“The parallels between the two narratives are where the book really shines, and they allow for the creative team to dig into so many different themes at the same time. It’s just such a well structured story. Each issue brings us closer to answers about what’s really going on: is Sam daydreaming about saving the universe, or is he really in two places at once?”

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Review: Human Remains #2

“As before this is very well drawn with vibrant colours and detail throughout, resisting the temptation to just make everything red despite the body count. But it’s the storytelling that surprised me the most. It would be easy to make this another bog-standard horror comic, but there’s depth here, we’re getting character development and emotional nuance, which is much appreciated.”