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Review: The Blue Flame #5

“The parallels between the two narratives are where the book really shines, and they allow for the creative team to dig into so many different themes at the same time. It’s just such a well structured story. Each issue brings us closer to answers about what’s really going on: is Sam daydreaming about saving the universe, or is he really in two places at once?”

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Review: The Blue Flame #4

Written by: Chris CantwellArt by: Adam GorhamColouring by: Kurt Michael RussellLetters by: Hassan Otsmane-ElhaouPublisher: Vault This issue is about processing a traumatic experience, which we see from both versions of Sam. It also deals with how you want to let that experience change you: do you want to still be the person you were, or become someone else? In Sam’s […]

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Review: Money Shot #13

“As always I had a great time reading Money Shot this month. Honestly, after thirteen issues of praise if you’re not reading this series yet I’m not sure there’s much I can do to convince you, but as always I’d recommend picking up Money Shot and getting caught up.”

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Review: The Blue Flame #1

“The intrigue of trying to tell that kind of story, the mind boggling, reality warping tale, but without the ties to a larger comic book universe. There’s just something about it not being a fresh take on an established hero that makes the whole idea more interesting. Severing those ties to something bigger than the story being told just creates so much more potential, and removes that editorial supervision we’re so used to seeing. Chris Cantwell has the freedom to do whatever he wants with this series, all the while drawing on recognisable influences.”

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Review: Money Shot #11

“It’s a well known fact that I’ve been a huge fan of Money Shot since it’s first issue, and I’m pleased to say that this remains the case. Everything I’ve loved about the series so far is still present here, the great character work, the absurd alien porn premise and the undeniable comedy.”

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Review: Money Shot, Volume 2

“So when you’re scrolling through a hundred pages of ComiXology trying to figure out what to read next, or staring at the shelves in your local comic book shop unsure of what it is you want to check out, take my advise and get weird, get adventurous, get Money Shot.”