Looking back on the past week in comics here are our top picks and recommendations!

Made In Korea #1

Angela read and reviewed this new AI inspired comic that tells us things. Although Angela is not quite sure what those things are she was full of praise for the art and colouring in particular. While it feels very much like a first issue she’s interested to see where this goes as we see more of this world.

Money Shot #11

Zach has been a fan of Money Shot since the first issue so naturally he reviewed the start of the new arc. With a new character and a new artist on board there’s changes but everything Zach knew and loved about Money Shot is still here. Good art, good writing and a talking cat. What more do you want?

Shadecraft #3

A book involving shadows? Must be a review by Angela who has been following Shadecraft since the first issue. Now the story really takes off with excellent shadow action and Angela is really enjoying a book that gets better each issue. With a gasp! moment at the end this is one to start reading.

The Blue Flame #1

The Blue Flame is as Zach says a mind bending superhero story. What sets it apart is the way it stands on its own outside of a superhero universe. What also stands out is the talent from every member of the creative team who Zach praises in this review. There’s a reason it’s Five Night Brigade members out of Five.

They Fell From The Sky #1- 4

A round up review! Luke tackled issues #1 – #4 of They Fell From The Sky and, as he put it he was the obvious choice. He had to wait a while for the space rodents to appear, but things start getting interesting in later issues. There’s decent writing and cute space critters and Luke is looking forward to what happens next.

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