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Review: The Essential Guide To Comic Book Lettering

“As I said I am a complete layman and will likely never letter a comic in my life, but I do have a great interest in lettering in comic books. I have read books purely because of who has done the lettering. The Essential Guide To Comic Book Lettering helps remind me why I am so passionate about lettering and why it’s so important to mention lettering in my reviews.”

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Review: Home Sick Pilots #10

“The tension building we’ve seen across the last few issues of Home Sick Pilots is just about to get its release and honestly I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen as the band rivalry between the Home Sick Pilots and the Nuclear Bastards is about to reach a whole new level.”

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Halloween Recommendation: Hack/Slash

I’ve been a fan of Tim Seeley’s work since I read Revival, but what really cemented that truth was Money Shot. Between the two we see a great range in Seeley’s writing, a creator who can do both horror, comedy and human emotion to an equally effective degree. I’ve also been a slasher movie fan since seeing Scream 3 when […]