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Review: Hellcop #1

“For me Hellcop is a heady mix of sci-fi fantasy concepts wrapped up with criminal mysteries. It takes us beyond simple cops into a world full of demons, steampunk-style technology and multiple dimensions. With humour and action I very much enjoyed the ride.”

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Review: Human Remains #2

“As before this is very well drawn with vibrant colours and detail throughout, resisting the temptation to just make everything red despite the body count. But it’s the storytelling that surprised me the most. It would be easy to make this another bog-standard horror comic, but there’s depth here, we’re getting character development and emotional nuance, which is much appreciated.”

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Review: The Labyrinth

“This is an interesting and dark piece that leaves you to fill in some blanks while clearly filling in others. It asks questions about the choices we make, and whether we can be forgiven for them.”