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Review: Antioch #1

“Where this story is strong is in our introduction to of Antioch, a king from another continent ready to throw down with anyone who stands in his path to justice.”

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Review: The Deadliest Bouquet #2

“The family dramas take more of a centre stage and the characters’ background is worked in more confidently.”

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Review: Bloodshot Unleashed #1

“This is a solid return for Bloodshot. Surprisingly there is a lot of character work going on. Don’t get me wrong it’s also interesting and action packed but it feels like the mature rating is for more than that.”

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Review: Time Before Time #16

“As always Time Before Time expands out the future, and the past, in interesting directions”

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Review: Above Snakes #2

“A theme that has been running through both issues so far is that a vengeful justice, however just, is always bittersweet.”

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Review: Lego Ninjago Garmadon #4

“This issue took me by surprise with how deep and interesting it is. I never thought I’d see a villain origin story retold with this much interest and depth in a Lego comic but here we are.”

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Review: Hellcop #10

“…an exciting ride with a lot of action, tension and of course a touch of humour.”

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Review: The Book of Shadows #2

This was a very solid second issue that really builds on the first in the best ways. It gives us some answers, deepens the lore a bit more and we learn more about the main nemesis. Still there’s some twists and turns as well and a few surprises along the way. Now the main set up is out of the way I look forward to seeing how our heroes move forward as they seek to defeat the power of The Book of Shadows.

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Review: Quests Aside #4

“That’s what I love most about Quests Aside, the characters. Those characters who are likeable yet have have flaws and are interesting and all have their own struggles. Quests Aside is the focal point for their stories and they are told so well.”