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Review: Primordial #5

“It’s just an absolutely beautiful and heart wrenching book. It packs an emotional punch and has panels and images that stick with you.”

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Review: Joe Hill’s Rain #1

“Rain #1 establishes a world where horrific events can happen at a moment’s notice, but the creative team also work together to create an intriguing cast of characters who will be forced to face the world they now find themselves in.”

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Review: Bolero #1

“Bolero #1 is a really strong character driven tale about the choices we make and the people we are.”

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Review: Shadowman #5

“The stakes are increasing, the lines are being drawn and Shadowman is in the thick of it.”

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Review: Stillwater #12

“This issue is a real game changer as we approach the climax, more than anything that’s come before.”

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Bigger Than Capes #53 – Time Before Time

This week Angela and Zach are teaming up to discuss one of their favourite series from the past year, Time Before Time!

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What’s The Furthest Place From Here #2

“The fact that teens all ritualistically pick a single vinyl record which represents and identifies them, speaks to the music-based tribalism that I experienced as a spotty faced teen.”

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Review: The Blue Flame #5

“The parallels between the two narratives are where the book really shines, and they allow for the creative team to dig into so many different themes at the same time. It’s just such a well structured story. Each issue brings us closer to answers about what’s really going on: is Sam daydreaming about saving the universe, or is he really in two places at once?”