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Review: Kaya #2

I really enjoyed this issue, probably more than the first one. This just felt like it was more assured, more comfortable with the world. That’s how a second issue should be and isn’t always. Kaya though is doing the right things. I’m looking forward to more.

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Review: Deadliest Bouquet #3

This third issue feels like things are settling into their stride. The focus on the family, the dynamics of family works really well. This is where the potential of that first issue really seems to take off. The central murder mystery I am sure will be back but hopefully this importance of family will also be carried through as it works so well.

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Review: Lego Ninjago Garmadon #5

This is the finale of Garmadon’s adventure in Two Moon village. It has everything I’ve come to love about this series; the theme of redemption, action, bears, people pulling together, bongo playing! It’s packed full of all those things and it’s a really great issue.

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Review: Kaya #1

“This is a setup which is solid and enjoyable…it does what it set out to do very well. It’s not the most original but is a good read nonetheless. I am interested to see where the journey goes next.”