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Review: Hellcop #6

“This is a really strong start to the second arc. Now the setup has been established it feels like more fun can be had in the universe and this certainly takes some classic concepts like Sasquatch and runs with it. It’s still got a fresh feel but it also has the benefit of strongly established characters and a distinct voice and tone which really works. I’m very much onboard for the next part of the Hellcop ride.”

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Review: The Good Asian #10

“This was just a perfect finale to what has been an excellent book. I cannot recommend The Good Asian highly enough. It’s an intriguing crime drama, it’s got great characters, wonderful art in both composition and colour, solid lettering. It has a message and tells a history that’s important. It juggles some really strong themes with twists and turns in the narrative.”

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Review: Newburn #5

“So yes this is surprisingly solid issue. Yes, there’s a different setting here and this is a case unlike anything Newburn has done before but that’s good. We get a real insight into Newburn as a person through the writing and art.”