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Review: Money Shot #13

“As always I had a great time reading Money Shot this month. Honestly, after thirteen issues of praise if you’re not reading this series yet I’m not sure there’s much I can do to convince you, but as always I’d recommend picking up Money Shot and getting caught up.”

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Review: Money Shot #11

“It’s a well known fact that I’ve been a huge fan of Money Shot since it’s first issue, and I’m pleased to say that this remains the case. Everything I’ve loved about the series so far is still present here, the great character work, the absurd alien porn premise and the undeniable comedy.”

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Review: Money Shot, Volume 2

“So when you’re scrolling through a hundred pages of ComiXology trying to figure out what to read next, or staring at the shelves in your local comic book shop unsure of what it is you want to check out, take my advise and get weird, get adventurous, get Money Shot.”

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Review: The Vain

“The Vain covers a lot of ground in five issues, literally. It covers many decades and takes in locations across the world. That really shows the scope of the ambitious tale being told here; a group of four vampires, The Vain, and their need to get blood to survive, and their dogged pursuer Agent Franklin who devotes his life to proving that vampires do exist and that they are behind a series of blood heists and murders across the globe.”