It’s been a couple of weeks since our last pull list, so here’s what we’re really digging from the first two weeks of August!

The Me You Love In The Dark #1

We’ve seen haunted house books before and quite recently from Image. Luke checked out this tale of artist Ro who ends up in a haunted house that may or may not provide a solution to her artist’s block. With good character designs and an interesting set up this is one to watch.

You can check out Luke’s thoughts here.

The Good Asian #4

Angela is consistently impressed by all aspects of this book from the art, the mystery and the history. The story really develops in this issue which has some shocking moments. If you like noir of any flavour this is a book you should already have been reading but it’s not too late to hop on board. This fourth issue is a very satisfying read on all levels and worth checking out.

You can find Angela’s full review here.

Trover Saves The Universe #1

Zach had never heard of Trover Saves the Universe before reading this comic. Despite being unfamiliar with the video game he found it a really good first issue. With plenty of comedy and some social commentary it does a good job of setting up the characters and the premise. whether you know the game or not it’s a fun ride.

You can read Zach’s review here.

Black’s Myth #2

Zach enjoyed the first issue of Black’s Myth and was pleased to see this second issue really build on all the good things from the first. With a deeper look at the world and the characters this opens things up to new possibilities. With strong art and writing it’s a great read. It seems like there are surprises in store so it’s well worth checking out the first two issues of Black’s Myth.

Check out Zach’s review here.

The Silver Coin #5

If, like Zach, you have been wondering about the origin of the silver coin then this issue answers the question of where the silver coin came from. Those answers come in a story involving a well-meaning witch in a small New England town that a witch hunter just so happens to be passing through. With twists and turns the phenomenal artwork really makes the story engaging and interesting.

For Zach’s full thoughts check out his review here.

Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?

Ed Gein is one of the most infamous murderers in the history of the United States. Zach read this mostly true account of Ed Gein’s life which follows him from his early years to the grisly discoveries in his home. The artwork helps steer this away from simple gore whilst appendices illustrate how much of this book is based on truth. Whilst not a read for everyone those with an interest will find this a solid tale.

Zach’s full review is here.

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