Writer: Eric Palicki
Artist: Wendell Cavalcanti
Letterer: Rob Steen
Publisher: Ahoy Comics

Black’s Myth #1 ended with the appearance of Rainsford Black as he attempted to hire Strummer and Ben to track down his family’s missing pistol and silver bullets.

This issue tells us a lot more about Rainsford, who appears to be a collector and hunter of mythological creatures residing in a mansion full of trinkets to reflect such a past. Although we don’t learn a lot of what got him here, we do see his latest expedition in the form of a flashback and learn exactly where the Brotherhood Of Fenris fit into his story.

There’s plenty of elements in this issue that I hadn’t really expected. I hadn’t put much thought into how involved in the supernatural Rainsford might be, and the revelations we’re given add a lot of interesting layers to the story. Although the first issue of Black’s Myth already presented werewolves and djinns, the more we see of the supernatural characters within this world the more interested I am and I feel like we’re being set up for a story full of possibilities.

Wendell Cavalcanti’s artwork is great throughout this issue, and I really feel like its stripped back nature helps maintain the focus of the story being told and convey the noir tones within. Rainsford Black’s home could easily be an overwhelming site and, while there’s no shortage of surprises, it never feels distracting from the story or characters.

Eric Palicki’s writing continues to be as strong as it was in the first issue, providing characters with depth and nuance across minimal scenes. Also points for Ben saying “me” instead of “my” just enough to get across that Mancunian accent.

I really enjoyed this issue of Black’s Myth, it did a lot to build upon the first issue and has some subtle character building throughout which I really enjoyed. It’s very clear who Strummer and Ben are as characters and, while there’s some rather classic detective story ideas being weaved in, I feel there are plenty of surprises lying ahead.

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