It’s a dangerous job

Publisher: Image

Writer: Pornsak Pichetshote
Artist: Alexandre Tefenkgi
Colourist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Jeff Powell

Just then I think I know where things are going The Good Asian throws out some shocking twists and turns. Honestly the plotting is really keeping me on my toes. The conclusion of this issue left me shocked and confused but damn did I appreciate it. There was a whole lot of emotion this issue as we get some deep insights into Edison’s character.

This issue focuses on Edison’s relationships with both Victoria, Mason’s daughter, whom we met at the end of the previous issue and Mason’s son, Frankie, who considers Edison to be his adopted brother (not so much on Edison’s side). There are some long seated issues in both relationships and it’s interesting to see those issues unfold in sometimes unexpected ways.

I really appreciate that we have Edison’s perspective. We trust him as a narrator because he is the one telling us about these relationships and how he views the other characters, especially Frankie. It was interesting to see how Edison clearly still viewed himself as an outsider despite the kindness of Mason in his past. That’s because part of him always will be. Yet he is stuck between two worlds which is why he has to enlist Frankie’s help to talk to witnesses. Being a Chinese-American cop poses some interesting issues on it’s own.

As always I appreciate the back of the book explaining the history that directly informs this comic. As someone with no knowledge of this community’s history and this era it’s been really fascinating to learn about it.

As always the art is really solid. The opening of this issue has some mature scenes but they are drawn exactly in keeping with the tone of the era. Explicit yes but never in a pornographic gazing way. The art is showing character and also lays bare (pardon the pun) of the seedier side of the era and everything that entails. The colouring, shadows and choice of focus really works.

There is also a really great bit of artwork where Edison is literally trying to put the pieces together. Previous events and information are depicted as literal jigsaw pieces tumbling around him. It’s a really nice visual way of depicting the actual puzzle that Edison has with pieces that don’t quite fit. It’s beautifully done and a standout page of a comic that has good art all the way through.

That ending though. I did wonder if we were heading in that direction part way through but I was torn as to whether it would happen. The moment when it comes is shocking. This is a book that is keeping me guessing even four issues in and I am interested to see what other deep dark secrets are yet to be revealed in the future.

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