Here’s our top picks from the last week in comics!

Home #5

The final issue of Home still leaves plenty of scope for more in this story, which Angela wouldn’t object to. It’s been a hard hitting series highlighting a very human story through what happens to just one young boy. In this final issue Juan, his cousins and Aunt are forced to use their powers as ICE closes in. There’s a lot of tension and drama as we all hope for a happy ending.

It’s a pretty satisfying final issue, but as previously mentioned there is scope for more going forward. For now we leave Juan’s story. It’s been a really emotional journey with this young boy who found himself an innocent victim in a system that was not sympathetic to him even before the manifestation of his powers.

The fact we’ve followed just one boy and his family really personalises what might be seen as a political issue. It’s not so much about politics as about people and what their hope and dreams are and how the world is not a fair and just place for them.

If you have not checked Home out before now it is complete and it’s well worth investing some time and checking it out. It’s a powerful read and highlights a very human story. It will make you angry, it will make you cry and it will make you hope. If you want an emotional journey Home is very much it.

Snow Angels: Season Two #3

After reading the first Season of Snow Angels Angela was very much looking forward to seeing what Season Two would hold. She was not disappointed.

The world expands out with new characters and new difficult situations for our two main characters, Millie and Mae to deal with as they are now on their own in the snowy, icy world.

There are many intriguing new developments from the technology of the mysterious Snowman, to what seems like mechs abandoned in the landscape. Then there are the Keepers, a people very different to the Trench folk Millie and Mae are in may ways, especially their beliefs. The girls’ faith in each other and what their parents taught them will be tested…

With really good writing and amazing art that evokes the cold snowy world this is a book that’s just solid in every aspect. Check out Season One. You’ll then want to check out Season Two straight away. You won’t be disappointed. Though you will wish the next issue was already here.

Hollow Heart #6

In the final issue of Hollow Heart there is plenty of angst and drama. Is there a happy ending? That would be spoilers but the angst is top notch as Angela discovered in her review.

Throughout the series Hollow Heart has asked many questions and offered many metaphors but in this final issue it’s boiled down entirely to El and Matteo’s story. It’s depicted as raw and uncompromising as you see how deep the emotion goes, how strong their bond is and what happens when you try to love a monster.

There are no easy answers here. There are few options too. The yearning to have more of those options goes back to the very first issue when we first met El, a prisoner in a situation not of his making. Here we see things come nearly full circle as El is back in the facility but still there is that hope, the hope that has kept Matteo going.

With art that depicts a touching relationship as well as the ravages of the real world threatening to break in, this is a book that will touch you in every aspect. It feels like a real collaboration between writer and artist which has created some really strong storytelling where both writing and art weave into each other.

Why not discover El and Matteo’s relationship for yourself? Warning: tissues will be required.

Time Before Time #4

For Angela Time Before Time is a book that improves every issue. Here we build up the backstory of one of our main characters, Nadia, in and amongst some twists and turns that really test the fragile friendship between Tatsuo and Nadia established over the last couple of issues

Once more it’s really interesting to see the politics of the Syndicate and the Union play out as we delve deeper into both sides and what they are prepared to do when it comes to time travel and its consequences.

With plenty of tension, some absolutely shocking twists and a really strong core relationship between the two main characters Time Before Time gets better every issue. If you haven’t checked out this series before then you should as we hit the penultimate issue of this arc.

Home Sick Pilots #8

In Zach’s opinion this is a book that keeps getting better and better. With a creative team on real top form there is so much to enjoy and appreciate about how the story is developing.

There is a lot of get your teeth into here as a reader with a few different strands being explored. The beauty of this is some really strong character work.

Not only do we have a focus on the characters we already know and deepen our understanding of them, but the ghosts of the Old James House are also being developed and act as characters in their own right. This expansion of the occupants of the Old James House really show that this book has so much thought and effort put into it.

The whole creative team is really working at their best. The art is top notch, the lettering is really strong and the writing is excellent When all these elements come together you have a really great book.

As Zach says “There’s no denying that Home Sick Pilots is a vessel for the creative team’s punk history, and while it’s part of the narrative there’s a lot more to this book than that.”

Well worth your time.

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