Publisher: Image
Writer: Julio Anta
Artist: Anna Wieszczyk
Colourist: Bryan Valenza
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

This is the last issue of Home for the moment. It feels like there is more to be told in this universe and I for one would very much welcome that. This is a book with real heart and something to say. The way it ends, or perhaps some might say doesn’t end, in a way is really representative of the very nature of the experience of immigrants. It’s not always a happy neat ending and they sometimes never end their struggles.

When last we left Juan, ICE were closing in. The very nature of soldiers going to take down a child is deeply disturbing and yet not that far form reality. What I did like was the fact that the ICE operatives were not all portrayed as the same. There were conflicting views between them. You could argue that all of them are bad guys but it is nice to see that some do have a line they are hesitant to cross because that suggests some of them might not continue down that path.

Juan is rescued by his super powered cousins. Their presence and that of of his aunt draws a very explicit comparison between powers and immigrants, even echoed by the news depicted in the issue. The metaphor has grown outward from those first hints in the first and second issues and that’s interesting. It really expanded things out, and makes us wonder how many other powered individuals are out there, hiding, like illegal immigrants.

I will say I am missing Mercedes’s perspective. Since she was deported we haven’t seen much of her. Yet although I want to see how she feels, what she is going through being back home without her son, it does represent how far away she is. She is so removed form the current situation we don’t see her. Aunt Gladys does provide a great maternal perspective but I can’t help but miss Mercedes having started this journey with her and seen her struggles.

The art though continues to be so strong and so clear. The emotions are always portrayed so strongly. Now we have several different powered individuals and the way their powers are portrayed in both the art and colouring really makes them stand out. Their powers are as unique as the characters themselves and the art really reflects that. It’s very dynamic but throughout the action you can still feel the character’s emotions, which always come through and that’s a real strength. It’s art that has some real tension to it too, as we care about what happens to these characters.

The art style absolutely supports the story this book is telling.

I will say at least Juan is safe for now. I realise that is a spoiler but I will also say it’s very unclear for how long. He’s still separated from his mother, ICE are still after him. It’s really unclear what the future holds. The last few pages end on a moment that makes you fear for the family all over again. Not just Juan’s family either. The last few pages make you angry all over again, just as the first issue did. Really that’s the strength of this book and has been all along. This is a book that makes you feel and think. It distillates the story of human experience down to one boy and his family and it does it so well.

Home sticks with you. Even after I finished reading the last page Juan’s story stayed with me. I am so glad I read this book. It feels like there’s more to come, and though I want a simple happy ending I know that the world we live in doesn’t always provide that, and that’s something this book reflects. I would love to see more in the future. For the moment I know that Juan’s story will be with me for some time yet.

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