Lost in space!

Publisher: Image
Story: David Hine & Brian Haberlin
Art: Brian Haberlin
Colours: Geirrod Van Dyke
Letters: Francis Takenaga

If there’s one sci-fi book I am really enjoying at the moment it’s Jules Verne’s Lighthouse. We’re now at the halfway point and things are getting interesting as we get more of the background of both Vasquez and the pirates, the stakes get higher and Moses continues to worm his way further into my heart.

When last we left our heroes they had been captured by space pirates so, you know, things were not going well. Sadly, they continue to get worse. Head pirate Captain Kongre, chief of the libertarians (pirates) decides to prosecute Vasquez for war crimes based on her actions on Kolaire, a rebel world whose uprising ended in terrible tragedy. This is not going to be a fair trial as he’s the judge and the rest of his crew, victims of that event, are the jury.

Moses though thinks they might have a chance because he has done extensive research! I have to say Moses provides a wonderful humour and lightness with his sincerity and honesty. He really helps to lift moments in many scenes. He cares for Vasquez and his loyalty to her is admirable. He might not be able to sway a jury that had already decided to kill her but not for want of trying.

We also get more information about what the ship was carrying – weaponry. Armoured suits that interface directly with a person but even just a few moments in them gives you a heck of a come down. Oh and did I mention the viral chemical weapon capable of wiping out human life on earth?

This issue is packed with interest for me and the art really helps. I’ve said before how visually it is just a pleasure to read and I can only reiterate that again. The character art here helps highlight the story as we see how badly the libertarian pirates were affected by the weapons used against them by people like Vasquez. This adds an extra element of horror visually that has some great impact. The use of greys and blacks for the pirates really underlines their dark aspects.

There’s a flashback sequence too which is so nicely coloured you can tell it’s a flashback but it’s still really vibrant. The moment where we see how Vasquez got her scar is so well realised too. It’s a strong way of showing character background.

We end on a real cliffhanger for poor Vasquez and I am very excited as to what might happen next. Plus more Moses is always welcome. This book has become a favourite in such a short time I am eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

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