Vinyl #1

As Luke puts it; both the cover and the first page of Vinyl let you know that the kids will probably be having nightmares if you give them this, and some of the adults might join them.

If you are going to have a book about a serial killer, especially one with a love of scratchy records, it has got to be suitably gory and Vinyl does not hold back in that regard with really great gory art.

With mentions of cultists, a strange voice pushing our protagonist Walter on and of course some pop culture references it may not be suitable for children but it’s very much suitable for lovers of serial killers who love vinyl.

Jules Verne’s Lighthouse #3

If there’s one sci-fi book Angela is recommending at the moment it’s Jules Verne’s Lighthouse. Now halfway through it’s not disappointing with either writing or plot as it continues to be strong on both as well as characterisation.

Moses the robot is still Angela’s favourite but she’s really enjoying further insights into both the hero of the tale Vasquez as well as the Libertarian pirates, the ‘bad guys’. The art really helps immerse you in the world and says so much about the characters themselves. All the elements of the creative team are on top form.

Advancing the story and ending on a cliffhanger this is a really good instalment of what is turning out to be a very good book.

The Blue Flame #2

After a somewhat head scratching first issue of The Blue Flame Zach found this second issue a more down to earth read. Things get interesting with this book of two strong halves.

There’s contrasts with cosmic Sam and his research into the Consensus and his defence of the human race as well and the more down to earth issue of vigilante Sam recovering from being shot. The opening focus on another character, Dee, really helps expand the connections within the story.

With the art and colouring drawing you in and helping to set the tone, and some strong lettering work, Zach is looking forward to seeing what happens when the two narratives collide.

Shadowman #3

The quest in Shadowman continues as our hero faces more dangers as he searches for answers about what’s going on as the Deadside bleeds through.

There’s some moments of peril for Jack Boniface as we flip between the present a few days earlier. With characters from a previous Valiant book appearing there’s some nice nods to fans of the larger supernatural side of the Valiant universe.

The art remains perfect for the tone of the book, giving life to the supernatural creatures helped by the colouring. It’s suitably creepy. As is the plot as there’s more for Jack to discover.

Home Sick Pilots #6

We were huge fans of the first arc of Home Sick Pilots here at Bigger Than Capes and the start of this second arc does not disappoint as Zach’s review makes clear.

Focusing on the Nuclear Bastards in the first pages in the aftermath of the dramatic events of the end of the first arc we get some insight into characters who were basically the antagonists for the Home Sick Pilots (before they died bar Meg) it’s nice to see them not forgotten.

Meg and Rip really develop in this issue, as Meg is now in the governmental program for piloting the government weapon made from the remains of the house from the first arc. Meg has guilt and so does Rip and they now have some common ground.

The art really makes this book. From band practice to bloody horror it always remains engaging with some real standout scenes. Add in excellent lettering and your have a creative team on top form.

The second arc looks to be just as good as the first and we can’t recommend the first trade enough.

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