Written by: Iolanda Zanfardino
Illustrated by: Elisa Romboli

Alice In Leatherland #3 jumps forward in time…I’m not sure how far, a few months at least, to Valentine’s Day, Alice’s favourite day of the year. Though this year it’s forcing her to deal with some left over feelings from her breakup.

We find Alice about to leave for work at Leatherland, on the eve of making her first presentation at work, which goes catastrophically, and we see that everything brings her emotions crashing to the surface. Something that her boss Peter has had enough of, as he endeavors to get her back out there.

Much like that presentation, Alice’s first couple of dates don’t exactly go as planned and she learns that maybe she’s better off on her own right now. Though after their last awkward interaction she does manage to reconnect with Robin.

There’s not a lot of praise I can give to Alice In Leatherland #3 that you haven’t seen in the past two reviews, Iolanda Zanfardino’s writing remains wonderfully on point presenting a legitimate look at post-breakup life, and the struggle to start dating again in the modern world; in case you’ve missed it: dating apps are kind of the worst.

Elisa Romboli’s artwork is as great as it has been throughout the series so far, and I can’t say enough positive things, her style suits Alice In Leatherland so well, and I would gladly read another hundred books with her as the artist. There’s great balance between over the top expressions and genuine emotion that carries so well and conveys Alice’s inner feelings, presenting a great contrast when compared to how composed each of the other characters come across.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews I’m all about that character development and it’s nice to see how characters with smaller roles in the story are given time to show who they are and develop, a special shout out to Robin’s workmate Hansel in this one. For someone who we see very little I feel like we’re getting a very clear picture of who he is. The same can also be said for Peter, the owner of Leatherland, who’s only appeared twice in the series so far but is in a position to play an integral part in Alice’s story.

This is a really good issue, and it’s great to see how Alice’s story develops as she continues to find her feet in San Francisco. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next issue holds, and the further we get into Alice In Leatherland the more I find myself wanting to see more from the supporting characters. Although the focus is Alice now, I’d be more than happy to see the series continue in much the way Sunstone has, with the potential to shift focus and tell us more about those weaving in and out of Alice’s story.

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