Welcome to The Pull List for this week where we take a look at our top picks of comics we’re reviewed over the past *checks notes* thirteen days (it’s been a long week).

Alice In Leatherland #3

Zach has been enjoying Alice in Leatherland since the first issue and he’s still enjoying it with issue #3. The art is still great and really suits the story. The writing and character development are on point too. Alice is still a really fun central character but she’s surrounded by a wonderful ensemble cast. Zach has enjoyed Alice’s San Francisco journey so far and is looking forward to more. We do recommend checking out her journey, you won’t regret it.

The Good Asian #2

The first issue of The Good Asian really impressed Angela and that’s still the case here. The mystery deepens and the themes which still resonate today are still front and centre. There’s some wonderful rendering of the rich world of the 1930’s in the art and a real noir feel to the whole thing. If you like detectives with issues check out The Good Asian.

The Six Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton #1

A new Kyle Stark’s comic?! Matt was very keen to review the newest book from a favourite Bigger Than Capes creator and he was not disappointed with The Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton. TV star Trigger Keaton is dead but the effects he had on his TV sidekicks are long felt. With characterful art conveying the comedy and writing that helps reveal what’s happened to these poor sidekicks this is a really strong first issue that is worth checking out.

Karmen #4

Each issue of Karmen has beautiful art but there’s some really standout art in this issue. Angela also found it one of the most emotional things she’d read. In the penultimate issue things hit hard as the emotional journey of the characters mote toward the conclusion. When art and story are perfectly matched and work so well you can’t be disappointed.

Hailstone #1

Sometimes you think you know what you expect from a book but Zach was pleasantly surprised to find far more to this book than he initially thought. Hailstone wouldn’t be his kind of comic but a well constructed first issue means he’s eagerly awaiting more. Interesting writing with artwork that suits it and colouring that adds to it gives a strong first issue. Worth taking a look even if it’s not your usual kind of thing.

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