It’s the end of the world as we know it and she feels… Fine? Survival in a world gone mad brought to you by Dennis Hopeless, Victor Ibáñaz, Addison Duke and Simon Bowland.

Vault Comics brings us a story about surviving in a world gone mad, after a large number of sanity-eating monsters appear and have decimated the planets population. Enter: Lupe. She’s somehow survived this destruction, walking freely through the streets suffering no consequence other than the odd bought of loneliness. As a small family of survivors find her and bring her into the fold, something doesn’t seem right, why is it suddenly quiet and what the heck does Lupe have to do with it?

The story is intriguing, building Lupe’s character through flashbacks, it hints at the direction the story is going in. The story seems to have introduced us to the key cast and has done a decent job of providing enough backstory to help us understand their why they do what they do. A family unit affected by trauma that finds themselves confronted by another human being who seems to have simply gotten by has different effects on each member, a welcoming father, a protective sibling and another sibling who, well, lets just say is a young teen boy who’s found a girl his age.

The art is solid and that isn’t surprising from Victor Ibáñaz, who has many accolades in recent years such as working on key Marvel and DC properties. His art when combined with Addison Duke’s colouring definitely shows a world falling apart with decay in many places and fear around every corner.

I think what we are looking at is the prelude to something horrible that will be interesting to see. The final pages leave us on a cliff-hanger where I think we’re going to be confronted by what these monsters are and why Lupe is what she is. I can’t wait to see what is coming.

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