by Zachary Whittaker

After meeting Poppy, Faith’s life quickly begins to change as she becomes surrounded by celebrities, artists, and otherworldly occurrences. Although Faithless initially feels like it could be a slice-of-life or romance story it doesn’t take long for Faith’s occult doodling and hanging out in coffee shops to fall to the wayside in her pursuit of new relationships, fame and fortune. However, what started as occult doodling quickly escalates as events begin to spiral out of control and supernatural happenings are abound.

Faithless is a full on series, with equal helpings of sex, suspense and sorcery. Brian Azzarello crafts a compelling and unpredictable read in this series, with Maria Llovet’s art, suiting the combination of mundane moments, sex scenes and bizarre horror, perfectly complimenting Azzarello’s unhinged narrative.

Part Bret Easton Ellis novel and part Neon Demon this is a series about new relationships, magic, sex, and leaving everything behind in the pursuit of fame.

Pick up a copy of Faithless here:

Or head over to your local Travelling Man store!

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