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Review: We Ride Titans #3

Writer: Tres DeanArtist: Sebastián PírizColourist: Dee CunniffeLetterers: Jim CampbellPublisher: Vault We Ride Titans #2 ended with the appearance of a mysterious mech in New Hyperion. This issue we get some of that sweet giant mech battling action you’ve probably been waiting for. Although plenty of the pages within this issue are dedicated to big action sequences the family dynamic is […]

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Review: Everfrost #4

“It is quite emotional to see the final solution to this world. If you have any attachment to these characters you will find that there might well be a tear shed at the end. I will say it’s not a sad ending per se. There is some sadness but there is also hope and it is nice to see that break through since Everfrost hasn’t had a lot of hope in many respects, such is the nature of the world. You feel there’s victory in the air and that’s good.”