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Tag: Chris O'Halloran

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Review: Time Before Time #21

“People often talk about page turners. Well Time Before Time has always been something of a page turner for me. That’s especially true this issue. The tension! The action! The politics! The ending! There is so much in this I dare anyone to try and put it down for more than a minute. Things this issue did not let up and goodness. What I love is that amongst the tension and action there’s still decent character moments and little bits of world building.”

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Review: Time Before Time #20

This arc continues to be so strong, adding more layers and twists. Everything just works. Writing both characters and plot. Art with bold choices and great colouring. And lettering just finishing things off perfectly. This is such a rich book to dive into and this issue is worth reading and rereading. Time is precious but this issue is worth some of yours.

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Review: The Closet #1

“I’m usually the Bigger Than Capes horror guy, and on this occasion I’ll admit this issue is a little light on the horror side. However, the horror we do get will send shivers up your spine, while the familial story being told is loaded with believable melancholy.”

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Review: Joe Hill’s Rain #3

“Up until this point Rain had been a relatively direct adaptation of the source material, but this issue was a welcome change, and one that’s got me looking forward to seeing what other surprises the creative team have in store now that they’ve begun to put their own spin on Joe Hill’s story.”