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Review: Shadow Service #12

“This was a really good issue. There is a strong emotional beat throughout, the plot moves forward, the characters have their moments and there’s still a strong dose of horror. I like that Shadow Service keeps surprising me. It’s so well balanced.”

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Review: Shadow Service #11

“This issue had everything I love about Shadow Service, emotion, plot twists, demons, humour and some drama. Honestly this is an excellent return for Shadow Service after its break. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing how that cliff hanger at the end turns out. Plus it had a Randall and Hopkirk reference so that alone makes it A+ for me.”

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Review: Shadow Service #6

“I very much appreciated the insight into Aashi’s backstory and character. Solid art and solid plot. I still have questions and still want to see where this ends up but #6 is a nice bit of character work whilst not dropping the main plot.”