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Review: Shadow Service #12

“This was a really good issue. There is a strong emotional beat throughout, the plot moves forward, the characters have their moments and there’s still a strong dose of horror. I like that Shadow Service keeps surprising me. It’s so well balanced.”

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Review: Shadow Service #11

“This issue had everything I love about Shadow Service, emotion, plot twists, demons, humour and some drama. Honestly this is an excellent return for Shadow Service after its break. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing how that cliff hanger at the end turns out. Plus it had a Randall and Hopkirk reference so that alone makes it A+ for me.”

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Review: Human Remains #2

“As before this is very well drawn with vibrant colours and detail throughout, resisting the temptation to just make everything red despite the body count. But it’s the storytelling that surprised me the most. It would be easy to make this another bog-standard horror comic, but there’s depth here, we’re getting character development and emotional nuance, which is much appreciated.”

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Review: Spawn’s Universe #1

“Spawn’s Universe #1 puts its focus in entirely the wrong place, across 56 pages of story it’s a little bit too reliant on what already exists. I was hoping this would be a place for me to start reading Spawn and something to be excited about, but ultimately I feel like I could’ve picked up any issue of Spawn to have this experience.”