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Tag: Alexandre Tefenkgi

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Review: The Good Asian #10

“This was just a perfect finale to what has been an excellent book. I cannot recommend The Good Asian highly enough. It’s an intriguing crime drama, it’s got great characters, wonderful art in both composition and colour, solid lettering. It has a message and tells a history that’s important. It juggles some really strong themes with twists and turns in the narrative.”

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Review: The Good Asian #9

“As this is the penultimate issue of The Good Asian you’ve probably been reading the rest. If you have you will not be disappointed here. If you haven’t, then catch up now ready for the final issue. This was a really excellent penultimate issue. There was tension, character insight and more. We’re in for a heck of a finale.”

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The Good Asian #7

“Overall The Good Asian #7 is absolutely sublime. With wonderful character work, wonderful art and a gripping pace this is a book that really has got better each issue. The fact I am still surprised and blown away by it is a sign of the high quality this book has.”

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Review: The Good Asian #1

“The Good Asian is a story about immigration, about police brutality, about who a person wants to be or is, about the innocent and the guilty, the rich and the poor – very modern themes all wrapped up in an intriguing noir style mystery from the 1930’s. There’s a real richness to the tale precisely because of all these different themes”