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Review: Deadliest Bouquet #3

This third issue feels like things are settling into their stride. The focus on the family, the dynamics of family works really well. This is where the potential of that first issue really seems to take off. The central murder mystery I am sure will be back but hopefully this importance of family will also be carried through as it works so well.

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Trading Options – G.I.L.T.

Hello and welcome to a new feature: Trading Options wherein Angela answers your hypothetical questions about a trade release. Today we’re looking at G.I.L.T. from Ahoy Comics. Written by Alisa Kwitney, with art by Mauricet, and letters by Rob Steen.

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BTC October Round up

It’s time for our October Roundup! This month Angela, Will and Zach discussed Dark Ride #1 from Image Comics, Nightfall Double Feature from Vault Comics, TMNT: Saturday Morning Adventures #1 from IDW and Hellboy in Love #1! Quite the mix of horror, nostalgia and romance but what was our top pick? You can find the podcast on all your favourite […]

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Review: Lower Decks #2

Everything about this issue works as well as any Lower Decks episode and is just plain fun. It’s playing with concepts and ideas that are staples of Star Trek but isn’t mired in nostalgia. If you’re looking for a book featuring Dracula this Halloween start reading Lower Decks. You’ll enjoy it.

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Review: Barbaric Axe to Grind #2 & #3

The stakes are now higher than they have ever been and there’s now something of a running villain with Gladius. There are a lot more questions raised even as we get answers about the past. It’s just developing so well and in a way that has me hooked completely. I am impatient for more. Owen is in real trouble. Axe has a new status quo. Soren too and Steel has much to come to terms with. It’s also very clearly not over yet. I can’t wait to see what the hell is in store next.

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Review: Bloodshot Unleashed #2

“There is some truly brilliant stuff in this issue of Bloodshot. The first issue was strong but this second issue not only builds on the first but it builds on the whole character of Bloodshot, his abilities, his past. There are references to the wider Valiant universe too. I was so impressed with the care taken with all of those things too. The writing, art and lettering are solid.”

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Review: Lego Ninjago Garmadon #5

This is the finale of Garmadon’s adventure in Two Moon village. It has everything I’ve come to love about this series; the theme of redemption, action, bears, people pulling together, bongo playing! It’s packed full of all those things and it’s a really great issue.

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Review: Kaya #1

“This is a setup which is solid and enjoyable…it does what it set out to do very well. It’s not the most original but is a good read nonetheless. I am interested to see where the journey goes next.”