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Review: Newburn #5

“So yes this is surprisingly solid issue. Yes, there’s a different setting here and this is a case unlike anything Newburn has done before but that’s good. We get a real insight into Newburn as a person through the writing and art.”

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Review: Armorclads #1

“I don’t yet know if Armorclads will win my heart the way pretty much every Valiant book has in the past but I find myself wanting it to. It’s got a lot going for it. If you like anything involving people in mechanised suits fighting alien bugs on a far off world then Armorclads is for you. It’s full of strong potential.”

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Review: Joe Hill’s Rain #3

“Up until this point Rain had been a relatively direct adaptation of the source material, but this issue was a welcome change, and one that’s got me looking forward to seeing what other surprises the creative team have in store now that they’ve begun to put their own spin on Joe Hill’s story.”