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Round-Up Review: They Fell From The Sky #1 – #4

“After a slow but steady start, They Fell From The Sky picks up. The script is nicely written and feels age-appropriate for the characters, bringing in bigger themes without dwelling on them more than you likely would at 12. The art is consistent and has enough detail without ever becoming fussy, and combined with the colour palette gives two clear vibes: an Archie comics Americana for most scenes and a “this is sci-fi stuff” when they’re showing space critter tech.”

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Review: Shadowman #2

“The real poetry of the writing lies in Jack’s thoughts as they go across the page as he lets us in on how he perceives the world. That’s one of the more interesting aspects of this issue. It fleshes Jack out a bit.”

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Review: Made in Korea #1

“There are a lot of different things I can say are themes in Made in Korea. I am just not quite sure what they constitute. There’s a touch of consumerism certainly, the future of the human race appears to be implied, secrets, parenthood and artificial intelligence are all in the mix as well. It’s a combination of a lot of things but this being just the first issue we only scratch the surface of them.”

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Review: Money Shot, Volume 2

“So when you’re scrolling through a hundred pages of ComiXology trying to figure out what to read next, or staring at the shelves in your local comic book shop unsure of what it is you want to check out, take my advise and get weird, get adventurous, get Money Shot.”