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Review: Scout’s Honor #5

“You need to discover the final revelations yourself. It’s well worth it. I am a big fan of David Pepose’s writing and honestly he’s really stuck the landing here, Scout’s Honor has been wonderfully plotted and told and the ending is no exception.”

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Review: Destiny, NY #2

“This issue does a lot to fill in Logan’s background, revealing the details of her long completed prophecy, and telling us more about her past relationship with Bailey. We also learn more about both Lilith and Gia as we also pick up where we left off with the two characters from opposite ends of a prophecy crossing paths for the first time, hero and ultimate evil. This issue also opens with the shady organisation that ended the first issue by brawling with Lilith, and while they’re still quite a vague presence I feel we do learn a little bit more about them here.”

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Review: Hey Kids! Comics! Prophets & Loss #1

“There’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea of Prophets & Loss. It’s telling a fictionalised based on truth(?) kinda story about a particular time and place in the development of comics. The problem is unless you are interested in that particular time and place and the machinations of a bunch of inherently unlikeable characters it won’t really excite you.”

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Review: The Good Asian #1

“The Good Asian is a story about immigration, about police brutality, about who a person wants to be or is, about the innocent and the guilty, the rich and the poor – very modern themes all wrapped up in an intriguing noir style mystery from the 1930’s. There’s a real richness to the tale precisely because of all these different themes”

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Review: Stray Dogs Issues #1 – #3

“The Master finds her and wraps her in a scarf as a means to comfort her. However, this has the adverse effect of triggering a memory in Sophie’s mind. A memory which sits opposed to everything she has learned about this house and the Master.”

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Review: Shadecraft #2

“The art is great and it is especially nice to see Ricky brought to life. It’s not easy to have a shadow interact with the world around them but the art really helps make Ricky a character and not a disembodied voice.”