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Review: Heart Eyes #1

Vault Comics brings us a story about surviving in a world gone mad, after a large number of sanity-eating monsters appear and have decimated the planets population. Enter: Lupe. She’s somehow survived this destruction, walking freely through the streets suffering no consequence other than the odd bought of loneliness. As a small family of survivors find her and bring her […]

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Review: Love Everlasting #1

Writer: Tom KingArtist: Elsa CharretierColourist: Matt HollingsworthLetterer: Clayton CowlesDesigner: Tom MullerEditor: Marla EizikProduction Artist: Drew GillPublisher: Image Joan Peterson lives a never ending chain of romance stories, cast from one to the next every time she’s on the verge of finding her happy ending; forced to overcome a new obstacle to be with the man of her dreams. This is […]