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Review: Armorclads #3

“This is another strong issue. I love how this expands out the mythology and detail, pushing things in a new direction. Not to mention there’s the usual great art designs and action scenes. I am intrigued as to where the Armorclads will go next and what lies in the future for the new and improved Ironclads.”

Alternative Superhero Universes 0

Review: The Harbinger #7

“I did really enjoy this issue. I thought the art was clever and the style really helped get across the trauma of poor Peter being shot in the head. The different elements were all really strongly done. As before my main complaint is I feel we could have more. It’s at least set things up ready for the finale, where I suspect we’ll get something of a major showdown. A solid issue that I think anyone who has read Harbinger up to this point will appreciate.”

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Review: Armorclads #1

“I don’t yet know if Armorclads will win my heart the way pretty much every Valiant book has in the past but I find myself wanting it to. It’s got a lot going for it. If you like anything involving people in mechanised suits fighting alien bugs on a far off world then Armorclads is for you. It’s full of strong potential.”