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Review: Radiant Black #3

“The design work throughout the series so far has been supercool and there’s definitely a lot to attract you to Radiant Black but we’re not exactly seeing a Blue Beetle style book here that captures both the personal moments and the heroics.”

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Review: Destiny, NY #1

“What happens after you successfully fulfil a prophecy to save the world?

Logan finds herself at university with a bunch of other kids who’ve been told they’re destined to save the world, but after completing her prophecy when she was only thirteen she’s at a loss of what to do with her life.”

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Review: Sweet Downfall #1

“Stefano Cardoselli’s artwork is packed with hyperactive detail, every surface looks textured and grimy, while every cityscape feels overcrowded and packed with energy. There’s a lot to take in, with some unconventional panelling and unusual perspectives to keep things extra interesting.”

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Review: Geiger #1

“Twenty years after a nuclear war a mysterious figure walks the wasteland protecting what’s left of Boulder City, Nevada from scavengers sent out by “The King”. But in the irradiated wasteland left behind from this Unknown War, how does this man survive without any kind of shielding against radiation?”