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Review: Rogue Trooper Redux

“One of the more tenured IPs in the 2000AD canon, Rogue Trooper examines the futility of war by putting the reader in the middle of a seemingly never-ending conflict between the Southers and the Norts, that has rendered Earth uninhabitable to humanity and necessitated the creation of Genetic Infantrymen (GIs). These lab-grown soldiers, able to endure Nu-Earth’s now-toxic atmosphere, are the Souther Army’s best hope of finally defeating the Norts and putting an end to the war.”

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Review: The Fall, Volume 1

“It would be easy to write The Fall off as another post-apocalyptic tale of how, when the chips are down, humans are kind of awful, and I’m not about to tell you that this isn’t that book…So, what does The Fall do to set itself apart from the rest in a crowded marketplace?”