Fantasy romp where colour (or lack thereof) is a form of control.

Creator, Writer & Artist: Lorenzo De Felici
Letterer: Rus Wooten
Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
Logo Design: Andres Juarez
Designer: Jillian Crab
Published by: Image Comics

Fantasy adventure involving sepia-toned denizens, a city where many are forbidden to leave and a special girl treated as a pariah because of her eyes brought to you by Lorenzo De Felici.

In the Pale City, a city where the citizens live a (literal) drab existence, a girl by the name of Kroma lives a life of condemnation, all because of the colour of her eyes. The cities leaders say she is a monster who will bring nothing but bad omens to this kingdom and she should be imprisoned. Fortunately, a boy takes pity on her and provides compassion to this supposed “monster”, The consequences of this, however, lead to an adventure which so far has lead to many a thrill and revelation.

So first and foremost, the art is GORGEOUS. GODDAMN GORGEOUS. I haven’t read Oblivion Song but if Lorenzo De Felici’s art in that series is anything like it is here, I have something else to put on my to read pile. Whether it is the close-ups on faces or large scenic views, moments of terror or excitement, the art pops. Additionally, the art is amplified by how the story uses colour. As I said, the Pale City is literally tones of grey for everything, including the people, which in itself portrays the oppressiveness of the city and in particular when juxtaposed against the colours of the rest of the world this brings out the terror for citizens whenever they leave the walls. The use of darkness to infer evil lurking in the shadows whether under masks or in caves is also expressed through brilliant colouring.

I am honestly excited to continue the story. On a strange level, it reminds me of Conan the Barbarian, this character brought up in oppression who takes on an adventure across Hyborian Earth. Three issues in the story has focused on the city and its immediate surroundings, however with all the discoveries so far, this fantastical world still feels like it could surprise me.

I CANNOT RECCOMMEND THIS ENOUGH. Gorgeous art complements the fantasy world creating something beautiful and exciting. Honestly I wish I could get prints of this art.

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