Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colourist: Rico Renzi
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Designer: Erika Schnatz
Publisher Image/12-Gauge Comics

Death and intrigue at… a furry convention? Yeah it is as weird as you think… and not just because of that.

Everyone has had a really bad day, but Devin is having a REALLY bad day and frankly it is going to get worse. Finding himself at a furry convention with a mate who’s trying to cheer him up, he stumbles upon… cannibals? Like I said it is going to get worse, some might say even worse than cannibals.

This issue feels rather short. Not much happens but this could be the quiet before the storm potentially. A lot of plot points are planted in this first issue involving who Devin is coming into the story, to really enforce how screwed-up his life is and what he’s at the centre of. You might end up pitying Devin, you might end up thinking him pathetic, that’s ultimately down to you.

The art fits this work. Daniel Hillyard’s style actually reminds me of the art of Ryan Ottley’s art Invincible. The focus of the comics are very much on the faces needed to express feelings such as contempt, smugness, terror and confusion.

Again, the story itself feels short. It felt like a third of the comic was filled with a preview to another comic (it’s called Art Brut, who knows, I might end up reviewing that one, it’s by the guy who created Ice Cream Man!!). The story feels like it takes from that US movie trope of “guy who’s treated like crap by everyone, no-one respects him but he’ll show them!!” that defines films like Old School.

It was short but I am curious how the hell they are going to link the plot points that have been shown into this first issue. My only issue is the slow pacing where nothing happens. It is out now for anyone who wants some weird, cannibalistic fun.

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