Publisher: Image
Story, Art & Design: Wes Craig
Colours: Jason Wordie
Letters: Andworld Design
Design & Production: Erica Schnatz
Cover Colours: Moreno Dinisio

This feels like a really meaty issue. The plots are simple but there’s a lot of depth to them. We’re getting to know the characters and the world they inhabit. Things are unfolding in a very natural way. The characters in particular are well realised as we get to know the, purely through their actions and interactions. This is for me a much more interesting choice than just relying on the narration.

We open the issue with a treacherous river crossing. The animals are in trouble and whilst Zothan would leave his Kaya decides to grab his beast and by lizard law it is now here. Unfortunately the crossing meant the food was lost and so faced with no other option Kaya and Seth set off to hunt. They aren’t alone of course. Zothan has been brought along for political reasons and Jin has tagged along because he’s like that.

Such a simple set up yet we get so much insight into the relationships and world. We get more of how Kaya and Seth feel about each other, learn more of how lizard politics works, what the future may hold. There’s also some insight into the past and where these characters have come from. All really appreciated.

There is some real emotion in the interactions between Seth and Kaya as they share a past which was much more idyllic but things have changed and both have burdens and though Kaya carries hers Seth is keeping things from her. Jin picking up on and flaking to Seth about a political move that would upset Kaya if she knew is handled well. Jin seems not mature still but not annoying and he has some genuine insight for a change.

The art is still simple but like the plot shows depth. There’s economy in the panels, there’s no waste. Panels focus on characters, we can se their expressions, their body language. There’s a lot of emotional moments and realisations which are well conveyed. There’s also some nice artwork of the hunting grounds, lush and green with some interesting features.

There’s is action too, this is about a hunt after all. The art gives the sense of peril and danger right from the first page and the river disaster. The hunt is not without incident too as Kaya has quite the fight on her hands with both the boar and Zothan who isn’t exactly an ally. Seeing her fly through the air you can sense the danger through the art.

I really enjoyed this issue, probably more than the first one. This just felt like it was more assured, more comfortable with the world. That’s how a second issue should be and isn’t always. This is a successful second issue. The creative team are doing the right things and it’s paid off. I’m looking forward to more.

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