Return to the violent west and the story of Dirt from Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman for another tale.

Written by: Sean Lewis
Art by: Hayden Sherman
Letters by: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Published by: Image Comics

So we are back for issue two of Above Snakes, in which we return to the gunslinger: Dirt, who finds himself going on a date that doesn’t go the way he thinks it will because…that’s right….Vengeance!!!

Reading the second issue brought more context to this world. The narrator – Dr. Tombs – who introduced himself at the start of last issue comes across more as the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt although less ghoulish puns and more madness. I’m also curious to see if Dr. Tombs introductions are going to build into a story themselves as this issue leaves you wondering whether he’s a storyteller or something more.

The core tale is called “Date Night”. Our protagonist finds himself asked out and spends an evening on this lovely date. However. Dirt struggles to enjoy the night due to holding onto guilt from his past. The two bond but it doesn’t go the way either think it will. The rollercoaster of events leads to a conclusion that reminds me of the bittersweet ending of the first issue. A theme that has been running through both issues so far is that a vengeful justice, however just, is always bittersweet.

Dirt’s backstory is fleshed out, a fond memory flashes by, the colour of this vision more colourful, potentially showing a happier time. Colour plays a big role yet again with subdued tones used to contrast against fond memories and Speck.

This issue developed Dirt’s tale with ominous words from the narrator telling us there is more to that tale and the world than meets the eye and I am glad to keep going with this series and see where it goes.

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