I’ve not given props to the covers but honestly they have all been excellent

Publisher: Ahoy Comics!
Writer: Alisa Kwitney
Artist: Mauricet
Letterer: Rob Steen

All good things must come to an end and sadly that includes G.I.LT. It’s been one of my favourite books of this year and I am not ready to let it go. Really, I feel that there are far more stories that can be old in this book. Unfortunately, for now, this is all we’re getting and it does mean that those of us who want to see more will be disappointed (which is a good sign that this has been so good). There’s not an entirely neat ending here but that’s how time travel is, it’s not neat .Like the human relationships we have seen life isn’t neat either and G.I.LT really reflects that as it has all the way through. It’s a very rich final issue from that perspective.

At the end of the last issue Trista and Hildy were back in her apartment in 2017 but there will be consequences for that little trip through time. We also get a grownup Wynn, now host to a lot of supernatural spooky doormen. HIs relationship with Trista has been a key part of the overall story and their reunion in the present, both as their current ages is rathe touching. It’s been a bit of a delayed love story so to see them finally come to an understanding of feeling is satisfying.

What’s also satisfying is to see the world building also play a key role. For her actions Hildy is fined ten temporal units, so she ages ten years and the will be a board meeting to discuss her transgression. We’ve not had a chance to se the way temporal things are governed before now, just little glimpses, but here we see some of the internal politics. We see the entire board, who are an interesting mix of characters (including a coupe; of familiar ones). I really like how the basement is time out of time and the remarks Hildy makes regarding the laundry machines which gives it a nice thread of humour.

That humour is present throughout even though this is a very serious situation for Hildy who broke some pretty big rules. Yet the lessons for both Hildy and Trista continue. Even at this late stage of things there are still some really interesting moments for the characters to develop. There’s still things for them to think about and reflect on. I’ve enjoyed those bits of reflective narration in previous issues and the ones in this issue are also really well done.

As usual the art is also really well done. I especially like the basement area where Hildy and Trista get trapped. The creep skulls on the shelves, the creepy bikes and the skeleton guy sat with the walky talky. It’s creepy but not horrific. It’s almost playful in the horrors depicted which really leans into the idea that the building is testing Trista. There’s also some really poignant little panels with the yo-yo that has been so much of a pivotal part of the plot linking the past and present.

What’s also great is too see the different aging of all the characters. We see Wallace as an older guy, we see Hildy age rapidly and then be shown as her true self at age thirty seven. We see Hildy’s friends as their current age as opposed to their 70’s selves (who still appear in flashback). Yet despite the age differences these are always recognisable as those characters. It’s easy to recognise them and as always the facial expressions are excellent. The clothes as always are also just so good.

I don’t want to give away the resolution but needless to say there are some. Hildy’s situation is resolved. As is Trista’s and both are linked. There are some questions regarding for example the Pan Am flight and what exactly Trista is going to do in the position she ends up in but as the tag line says ‘All will be revealed in time’ (a really good title which can be read several ways) and perhaps all will be revealed with G.I.L.T in the future. I would love to revisit this world again as I have very much enjoyed it.

I’m glad to hear that the creative team will be working on something for Ahoy in the near future because this has been a really excellent book. I do recommend it. If you like time travel stories with interesting, flawed, real feeling characters with great art then you will enjoy G.I.L.T.

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