Written and Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky.
Edited by: Allison O’Toole
Published by: Image Comics

So we are back with Chip Zdarksy’s family drama. And the story takes an interesting turn. Regardless of the healing that seemed to occur in the previous issue, the revelations at the end Public Domain #1 brings up new conflicts, especially for the matriarch of the family. Candy’s perspective is the most important of this issue, challenging Syd to re-evaluate why he should fight for his comic.

The story continues to build the universe, putting together who are the “opposition”, what our characters are contending with in their own lives and hints at what is coming. The battle lines are slowly forming and it isn’t clear what the outcome might be.

The art continues to be delightful, with an emphasis on facial expression. Chip expresses stoic anger, emotional breakdowns and all the emotions and body languages that are required for this book. This isn’t an action packed issue of Daredevil, it’s more likely to be a cunning battle of wits, bureaucracy and paperwork. The art achieves this.

Ultimately, Public Domain #2 might not have the impact and variety of locations seen in the first issue but it’s necessary for what is coming up.

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