Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Tim Odland
Colours: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Design: Erika Schnatz
Publisher: Image

After we discussed the first issue of Beware The Eye Of Odin on our June Round-Up Podcast, it was a sure thing that I would continue reading the series, so here we are.

This issue picks up exactly where the first left off; with Helgi, Stigr and Kadlin face to face with a group of menacing Trolls who’ve recently murdered a village full of Hundrafolk to steal the titular Eye Of Odin, which the Hundrafolk had in turn stolen from Helgi (…with me so far?). Helgi needs to reclaim the Eye so he can return it to its rightful owner and save himself from dying a horrible death.

As our protagonists flee the Trolls, we’re treated to some great visuals of what happens when one of the Trolls gets caught in the sunlight…or when they’re smashed in the face with an anvil on a chain. Another group from Norse Mythology assists our protagonists, which sets up the second half of the issue quite nicely.

Beware The Eye Of Odin clearly takes influence from Norse Mythology, though it feels like Doug Wagner is using that as a backdrop to tell his own story rather than as the basis of the narrative. We get more of a sense of who Helgi, Kadlin and Stigr are in this issue, in particular we see more of the relationship between the characters, a group that clearly care for each other, but don’t always want to show it.

Tim Odland’s artwork feels really well suited to this series. There’s a really good balance between gruesome monsters, violence, cartoonish characters and an occasional sense of genuine emotion from the protagonists. Michelle Madsen’s colours add a great deal to Odland’s art, making each panel bright and vibrant, even the darker panels (like when our heroes are feeling the Trolls in the woods) never feel covered in shadows.

I say it a lot, but I don’t want to give away too much about this issue, if you enjoyed Beware The Eye Of Odin #1 I think it’s a sure thing you’ll like this.

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