Publisher: Image Shadowline
Written, Illustrated & Covers by Brian Haberlin
Coloured by Geirrod Van Dyke
Lettered by Francis Takenaga
Editing by Sally Haberlin

When my only complaint is that I want more of this right now, then you know it’s a good issue, and boy is this a good issue. We get huge developments with both the illegal John Lennon music racket and also Dr. Lee’s latest crazy invention ideas. The former brings Briggs back into the fold and the latter provides some really interesting expansion to the different dimensions concept. Both are really interesting and both well balanced within the issue.

Let’s start with the John Lennon illegal music racket. This has been going on for several issues now. Ice demon Otto and human Dan Gray have been doing very well, it’s been a success. However, original composer John Lennon who currently resides in hell has been made aware of the intellectual property stealing. Former Hellcop and ally Briggs has offered to help John out, so this issue they enlist the help of the Hellcops to sort things out,

I loved seeing Taj, Gladys and Virgil hanging out in the bar. It was a nice little scene showing the friendship side of their downtime, whilst it was brief in the scheme of things it was fun. I especially liked Taj’s comment about Gladys’ husband in hell and the need for Gladys to get some civilian clothes for her downtime. I hope we get some more interaction between them going forward.

Once Briggs comes in it’s all business as Virgil agrees to help out. It’s good to see Briggs back and wearing civilian clothing. They track down Otto and Dan (thanks to Taj). I have to say the sight of Otto in his pop music manager get up still amuses me greatly. It’s the combination of the glasses and beanie hat on his oversized head that just works. Needless to say Dan doesn’t help himself as he alienates Mel and Otto and the ultimate resolution to this plot I really liked.

Meanwhile Dr. Lee is going slightly mad scientist as with Virgil in charge he’s got more free rein to experiment, and experiment he does. I like his interactions with the AI, because as we know I am sucker for an AI in a comic. It also means we get the fun of seeing him experiment but still with someone to interact with. Had it been one of the human characters they would probably have stopped him before he ended up bringing the Red Queen from Alice In Wonderland into our word.

The inclusion of the book Alice In Wonderland was a nice touch. It expands out the possibilities of the portal universe hopping technology. The way that this weird physics experiment happens makes perfect sense in the context of the world. I really like seeing some of the science behind the ridiculousness of Hellcop. We’ve had Sasquatches from hell, why wouldn’t we have the Red Queen? I appreciated that the Red Queen didn’t look like a version we’ve seen before but was still very recognisable.

I also really enjoyed seeing the reality bubble wand make an appearance several issues after it was introduced. The continuity is really fun and helps build up the world even more. Now nine issues in the world of the Hellcops is nicely expanding. The Red Queen poses a new and different problem and I am intrigued as to the implication of her appearance. I also can’t wait to see what other chaos lies in the future.

This was a fun issue. With the Sasquatch arc out of the way I was wondering what would be coming next and the Red Queen is certainly something new. I also appreciated seeing the whole Lennon’s music from hell getting a focus after bubbling away in the background for several issues. There was a good balance and intriguing developments. The art continues to be interesting and works so well with the writing. My only complaint is that we have to wait a month for more.

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