Writer: Tres Dean
Artist: Sebastián Píriz
Colourist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterers: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Vault

We Ride Titans #2 ended with the appearance of a mysterious mech in New Hyperion. This issue we get some of that sweet giant mech battling action you’ve probably been waiting for.

Although plenty of the pages within this issue are dedicated to big action sequences the family dynamic is prominent throughout. It’s Kit’s first time out piloting the Nexus and when she finds herself in trouble it’s her brother Dej who’s there to help her out. These scenes speak volumes about the relationship between Kit, Dej and their father Dwayne, something which we learn even more about after the action sequences have concluded.

While there’s a great focus on family dynamics in this issue I feel we also learn a little more about Kit as a character and the way she sees herself and the role she’s found herself in. We also get a glimpse into how the people around Kit see her, while she may not see it within herself there are people working with her who see the hero that she is. It’s something that hasn’t really been addressed within the narrative until now, largely because of the focus on family rather than Kit as an individual, but both Kit and Dej have taken on the role of protector for their city and while many books would put a great amount of focus on that We Ride Titans doesn’t allow it to overshadow the struggles of the individuals behind that role.

This issue’s art maintains all the strengths I mentioned last time around, excellently depicting two huge mechs duking it out amidst city blocks, then seamlessly transitioning to the more character focused moments later in the issue. Sebastián Píriz is doing a great job of handling two very different aspects of We Ride Titans. Though the same can also be said for Dee Cunniffe’s colouring, while the colouring adds a tremendous amount of detail to each character and mech the overall palette for backgrounds features plenty of blues and purples. At times these choices help to portray Dwayne’s cold nature and in at least one scene provide an undertone of nostalgia as Kit and Dwayne talk in the diner.

We’re at the midpoint of We Ride Titans and while I’m enjoying the character work I am starting to wonder if there’s meant to be a larger narrative in play. I’m all for focusing on Kit and her family but it feels like there’s been little information about the world they live in and with only two issues to go I am starting to question just how much space there is for new plot threads or even the current character driven narrative to resolve. I think more than anything I would like there to have been more to go at than just five issues. We Ride Titans feels full of potential and it would be a shame for it to come to an end when there’s still more that could’ve been done with the world and narratives.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun and the next issue will prove me wrong about what can be done with the remaining two issues, which I’m very much hoping is the case. Though regardless I’m enjoying the series and would recommend We Ride Titans to anyone who’s into giant mechs punching each other and family drama.

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