Writer: Tres Dean
Artist: Sebastián Píriz
Colourist: Dee Cunniffe
Letterers: Jim Campbell & Matt Krotzer
Publisher: Vault

I actually took myself by surprise when I decided to read this second issue of We Ride Titans, although I had some praise for the first issue in our January Indie Comics Round-Up podcast I’d expected I’d be waiting for the trade. But it seems like curiosity got the better of me and well, here we are.

We weren’t entirely sure which direction We Ride Titans was going to take following the first issue. There’s a backdrop of giant mechs fighting giant monsters, but the core of the narrative felt like it lay within the characters and their relationships. While the first issue introduced both of these aspects it was never entirely clear which direction the creative team were planning to go with this one. Now that I’ve read more it feels like the two things might not be as disparate as they may seem.

This issue begins with Kit catching up with her brother Dej drowning his sorrows before she begins her training for taking over as the pilot of the Nexus, the titan her family pilots to protect their city. It’s an interaction that although relatively simple does plenty to establish the siblings relationship and tell us a little bit more about the family dynamic.

Although we saw Kit with her parents in the first issue we learn plenty more about her father, Dwayne, this issue. It’s clear that Dwayne is hard on both of his children, though it’s definitely implied that his hard edge is likely driven by a fear of history repeating itself brought on from a previous tragedy within the Hobbs family.

Sebastián Píriz’ artwork is a standout part of this issue for me. While there’s no argument he does a fantastic job of depicting giant robots and monsters when needed he also excels in the character interactions. Subtle expressions and body language work wonders for the story telling and informing the relationships between characters which are at the centre of this story.

For the second issue in a row We Ride Titans just flies by as a read, the issue came to an end and it felt like I’d only just started reading. For me this is the kind of book that’s easy to get absorbed in, akin to series’ like Royal City or perhaps more appropriately Home Sick Pilots in the way it explores the characters within, while also dealing with a bigger story that doesn’t always need to take centre stage. I was surprised when I picked up this second issue, but I’m glad I did, and I’ll definitely be back for more next month.

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