Writer: Ram V
Artist: Anand RK
Colourist: Anisha
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Publisher: Vault

It’s been a while since the first issue of Radio Apocalypse was released, three months if my calculations are correct, and, I’ll be honest, what came previously isn’t exactly fresh in my mind. With that being said, this second instalment feels like as much of an introduction as the previous issue did. While developing on the previous narrative, the introduction of new characters keeps the series feeling fresh and feels like you could quite comfortably jump in here and you’d understand what’s going on.

In this issue we’re introduced to Tia, a Daytripper, someone who travels the vast wastelands between communities to deliver messages as quickly as possible to avoid those pesky Xinos running wild across the aforementioned wastelands. Tia provides a good insight into what life’s like outside of the Bakerstown settlement we saw in the first issue. She also gives us our first history lesson on how the world of Radio Apocalypse came about. It’s still quite vague, but we’re told a meteorite and a disease brought with it are part of the equation.

We also spend a little time with Norm and Captain Cortain, two members of the Bakerstown community that remember what the world used to be like. Cortain has agreed to allow the members of a neighbouring settlement to take up residence in Bakerstown, which means resources will begin to run thin, which may come to threaten the survival of Norm’s radio station. There’s some suggestion here that there may be animosity to come should that be the case.

We’re also presented with Lana Caravigo, a Reaper. We don’t get a lot of information on what role accompanies the title, though it seems to be that of a well armed badass tasked with picking off the unfriendly beasties lurking in the wilderness if they get too close.

Anand RK’s art style can be wildly unpredictable, there are moments where characters have faces that feel rushed and unfinished and others where they’re gloriously detailed and painted with clear emotion. However, his landscapes and character designs are interesting thorough the issue.

Radio Apocalypse feels like a bit of a slow burn series. While the first issue set the stage a little and introduced us to the world, it still feels like we’ve got a lot to discover as Ram V gradually reveals details of this mysterious world. I’m still not entirely sure where the story is heading, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

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