Publisher: Black Mask
Written by Ryan K Lindsay
Illustrated by Sami Kivelä
Coloured by Lauren Affe
Lettered by Jim Campbell

Here we are at the end of Everfrost. I was sure I had posted this review back when the issue came out in October. Only to find that the review had disappeared! As had my text draft. So here we are a belated review recreating the original review that I assume was stolen by people from a dystopian future.

As already mentioned this is the final issue of Everfrost. For the most part it wraps things up. There is an ending but there’s also a beginning. It makes sense. Van has been on a journey and this is the end of that journey. It’s not been an easy one for her, numerous obstacles have been put in her way but she has determination which sees her through to the very end. That determination is vital for her to finish this.

Not that she is alone. She has her allies. There’s Rannveig. The relationship between them hasn’t always been easy and there’s some good dynamic action in the art with them at the beginning of this issue where they are fighting each other. It’s a really nicely put together page. Their confrontation playing out with a moment of action in the centre with the rest in smaller silhouetted art around them. It’s probably one of my favourite pages, especially as it shows their eventual hug.

We also have the return of a character I thought long gone. It was an absolute delight to get Eight back. Eight started this journey with Van and it’s only right that Eight is here the end. Indeed Eight is rather pivotal to the plot as we discover their real nature, not a talking monkey as it turns out. Here Eight is embodied in a scary dragon and the art showing the dragon is great. The panel of the mouth with all the teeth, multiple red eyes and horns. It’s incredibly intimidating. And also not very pleasant being inside judging from the panels of Van pulling off strands of saliva.

There’s a great variety in the art. From the cityscape, to the frozen wastelands and the water beyond. It’s felt very much like a world, a world with laws and rules. Here Van and her allies will blow that apart to hopefully create something new in its place. That’s really one of the themes, getting rid of the old and bringing in something new which is strongly reflected in the writing. Van doesn’t want to recreate the past, she wants the better future. Such a course of action requires drastic action and sacrifice.

It is quite emotional to see the final solution to this world. If you have any attachment to these characters you will find that there might well be a tear shed at the end. I will say it’s not a sad ending per se. There is some sadness but there is also hope and it is nice to see that break through since Everfrost hasn’t had a lot of hope in many respects, such is the nature of the world. You feel there’s victory in the air and that’s good.

Overall this was a finale that even mentions sticking the landing. It’s successful as a conclusion to Van’s self and her journey. Of course there is a new journey waiting for her. I don’t need to see it but it’s a satisfying end for her.

Plus, you know horse with a skull head appears at the very end. Who wouldn’t want to ride off into the sunset on one of those?

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