Writer and Letterer: Iolanda Zanfardino
Artist: Elisa Romboli
Publisher: Image/Shadowline

This issue sees Mags and Dorian arrive in Rome, where the latter immediately begins her mission of recreating film scenes, much to the horror of Mags. 

Throughout this issue we see just how fearless Dorian is, rushing into the unknown and eagerly performing her brother’s favourite moments from the silver screen. We also see how Dorian’s outlandish personality begins to draw Mags out of her shell, encouraging her to embrace her new found freedom. It’s a really great dynamic between the two protagonists that feels real and believable. However, we also see some hints that neither character is really ready to leave their pasts behind.

Elisa Romboli’s artwork continues to shine in this issue with the manga influences clearly on display. While some moments can take on those over the top manga proportions, there’s also plenty of panels with a more subtle touch that portray emotions clearly. This blending between styles accompanied with constantly changing panel layouts creates a constant sense of movement and change that reflects the narrative well. Romboli’s colouring also does a lot to set the scene, perhaps best seen in the variety of purples that colour the twilight introduction to Rome.

A Thing Called Truth is a funny and emotional read, balancing both well to create a narrative that feels entirely heartfelt while maintaining a lighthearted feel. It’s often a problem with good comics, but I’m left with that feeling that there’s not a lot for me to say right now. I’ve enjoyed each issue of the series so far, but there’s a natural point where I feel as though I’m repeating myself. If you’re interested in a story that’s equal parts buddy comedy, travel journal and emotional beatdown, A Thing Called Truth is the book for you.

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