Writer, Letterer and Cover A/C Artist: Iolanda Zanfardino
Artist, Cover B/C Artist: Elisa Romboli
Editor: Melanie Hackett
Communications: Marc Lombardi
Production: Erika Schnatz
Joy Rider: Jim Valentino
Publisher: Image/Shadowline

After her sudden appearance at the end of the first issue, we begin this issue by learning about Mags’ new friend, Dorian Wildfang. This issue tells us how tragedy and the death of a loved one  put her on the path we see at the end of the series’ first instalment.

It’s your classic story of an ambitious road trip that starts by stealing a stranger’s car with them inside it. Though it doesn’t take long for Mags to see that Dorian needs someone’s support right now, even if she is a stranger.  Also, it’s about time Mags did something that wasn’t her work.

This isn’t the busiest of issues in terms of narrative, if I’m honest (and this is something I mentioned on our November Round-Up podcast), I feel like this could’ve been the second half of an oversized first issue. While we learn more about what brought our two protagonists together and see the start of their journey, it feels like we’re not in much of a different place by the end of this issue than we were last month. However, I will say that the character work  throughout this issue more than makes up for that. Dorian’s past is integral to the plot, just as Mags’ was, and I feel that establishing them both now builds a solid foundation for the story to come. I also feel like there’s some hints to elements that might unite the new found friends against a common enemy further down the line.

Elisa Romboli’s artwork was a highlight of the first issue and continues to be here. Whether it’s over the top cartoonish expressions or genuine heart wrenching emotion, she proves throughout her ability to do both and so much more. Romboli’s colouring adds so much to each scene, choosing a limited palette to set the mood and allowing for an immediate visual shift between scenes. There’s even a couple of instances of these changes happening in a conversation, which works perfectly to illustrate the different emotions of the characters.

There’s a great page where we see Mags’ thought process as she scientifically tries to decide if she should join Dorian on her road trip. All the while reminding us of the Mags we saw at the start of the first issue, before she lost everything she’d been working on. It’s a page that works well to explain her character, but also shows just how well Zanfardino and Romboli work together.

I’ll admit I am biased, I’m a fan of both Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli following Alice In Leatherland, but I’ve really enjoyed the first two issues of A Thing Called Truth. There’s real heartfelt emotion behind the characters and the journey they’re embarking on together, and I feel like this is a series that will continue to deliver with each coming issue.

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