Lance Jones is the local genius kid. Friday Fitzhugh is a spunky girl who is handy with an ice hockey stick. Together they solved mysteries in Kings Hill, the classic small-town America tropes abounding in this early-mid 70s setting. Friday is a homage to young adult mystery books but tells the story of what comes after the mystery hunters stop being kids.

Friday has come back from college while Lance stayed in Kings HIll, It seems there was an awkward incident and a lot of late teen feelings not being talked about prior to Friday leaving, and now things may or may not be weird. But there’s also a rich kid stealing ancient artefacts and jabbering about a ‘white lady’. But did this white lady appear in Friday’s dream? Or Was it a dream? We end with a very injured looking Lance and some mysteries on top of mysteries. This is very much the first part of a story so we get no answers here.

Ed Brubaker’s script is excellent, while Marcos Martín and Muntsa Vincente combine to do a great job capturing the 70s feel.

You can check the individual issues out for free on Panel Syndicate, while Image have put together this collection should you want it in print form. Either way, it’s worth a look.

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