Writer: Peter Milligan 
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Andworld Design
Designer: Tim Daniel
Publisher: Vault

Terrible things continue to occur when people have strong emotions in here, although there is a matter of confusion as to whether people are safer inside than out.

Human Remains is not exactly shy about being a pandemic allegory, although it does emphasise the gory. In one panel a ‘shelter in place’ alert pops up during a video chat, which is about as Covid-y as anything could be. There’s also a raid on toilet paper, although, unlike real life, people with shopping rage are instantly killed in a bloody mess here.

And that itself is kind of an issue. Like some other recent media, I’m not sure whether it’s worth getting attached to any of these characters since they are liable to be torn apart by monsters at any moment. That doesn’t hurt the story necessarily, but it does affect how much effort I put into describing character relationships in reviews! I’ll keep it broad for now.

Having to repress one’s emotions to survive adds an extra layer of crap to the situation here, as people watch laughing neighbours get destroyed for an outburst of happiness. As we’ve all established since last March, a global emergency won’t stop people from being absolute dicks. Here we have a preacher fully exploiting the situation to quote end times scripture, while a husband chastises his wife for working long hours on a solution to the problem, only to then hit on her cousin.

The heart of this issue seems to be the collapse of a relationship, as one partner fears being intimate might cause, well, the same thing happening to everyone else, and basically starts losing his grip.

As before this is very well drawn with vibrant colours and detail throughout, resisting the temptation to just make everything red despite the body count. But it’s the storytelling that surprised me the most. It would be easy to make this another bog-standard horror comic, but there’s depth here, we’re getting character development and emotional nuance, which is much appreciated.

While everything has gone to hell in their world, things are looking good for Human Remains.

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