Writer: John Zuur Platten
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Publisher Top Cow/Image Comics

We return to the church, where those bandits are harassing Neto and Mercy over the location of the cursed gold.

Turns out Mercy hid in her mother’s grave, which is quite a move, but not one that deters the wrong’uns, who immediately get back on the murdering.

There’s lots of getting shot in the head in this issue, and a fair bit of getting stabbed with sacred daggers, both in Peru and the wild west. Needless to say owd Toctollissica is not best impressed, and putting her crown on Mercy was probably not a smart move by these boys.

We’re left with a hint at the kind of retribution they might be in for.

St Mercy is doing enough to keep my interest, but it’s going to need a big finish for it to be essential reading.

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