Created by: Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle
Coloured by: Gab Contreras
Lettered by: Andworld Design

In Witchblood #6 I had questions. In issue #7 I don’t get as many answers as I might like because things have taken something of a turn.

Paxton now has god-like powers after drinking Esme’s blood. He’s abandoned the Hounds and also unleashed a rain of blood on earth, as well as sending the floating vampire city crashing to the ground. If I’ve lost you, don’t worry, things have got a bit out of hand.

We get a ‘one year later’, which was unexpected.

Our hex hunters have now teamed up with Paradisia and ride around on giant bats instead of motorbikes, which would be much better for the environment except that the world is now ruled by a vampire god and it rains blood.

Turns out Paxton has sacked off his old mates and they’re choosing to team up with literally anyone else to get revenge.

We get some more excellent art here, Yonna full of sadness and fury while everyone is stylishly chopping up and shooting vampires.

We race through a lot of time in this issue and even get a convenient “what’s that on the ground”, which raised an eyebrow from a plotting point of view, but I’m willing to let that go because Erman, Sterle and friends have so far come up with the goods. As such I’m trusting them to take this somewhere interesting and at speed.

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